What is the Difference Between Hard and Soft Wax for Hair Removal?

There are multiple waxing brands in the market today which fall under two major classifications: hard wax or soft wax. When going for waxing hair removal, you can choose your preferred type of wax or ask the waxing pro to help you in making the best choice.

Despite being safe and effective in hair removal, waxing is associated with some pain especially when using soft wax. However, if the person carrying out the process is a professional, he’ll ensure that he makes the process as comfortable as possible.

Below are some differences between hard and soft wax for hair removal


When the aesthetician is using either hard or soft wax, he’ll ensure that the tools he’ll need during the application are clean and sanitized.

For soft wax, the aesthetician will thinly apply it over your skin and then place a strip on top to help in removing the hair. The process will also affect the top layer of your skin as soft wax adheres to both the skin and the hairs, a process referred to as exfoliation. To avoid over-irritating the skin, the waxing pro will not repeat the process twice on any part of your body.

With hard wax, the aesthetician will apply on the unwanted hair and then pull it off without the need of a strip. One of the greatest advantages of hard wax is that it only adheres to the hair, not to the skin. It will be possible for the aesthetician to repeat the process twice on one spot without the risk of irritating the skin.


When hard wax hardens after application, it will stick to the unwanted hair and not on your skin. As a result, you will find the process of pulling off the hair less painful. Soft wax, on the other hand, will adhere to both your skin and the hair which will make the process of pulling out the hair more painful.

Soft wax will stick to your hair and your skin as well which will make the process more painful and uncomfortable. If your tolerance to pain is low, ask the aesthetician to use hard wax.

Ease of Application

Since soft wax does not harden on application, it is easy to apply. The aesthetician will prefer using this type of wax when working on an extensive part of your body such as the back of the chest for men.

Hard wax is more difficult to work with and the aesthetician has to be very fast and steady. In most cases, hard wax is used in smaller parts of your body such as the facial region.

Pros and Cons

Hard Wax


  • Causes less pain
  • Does not stick to the skin
  • You can apply more than once on the same spot
  • Does not require waxing strips
  • Best for smaller parts of the body


  • Hard to spread

Soft Wax


  • Best for larger parts of your body
  • Soft wax exfoliates your skin
  • Easy to apply



  • Causes more pain when pulling off the hair
  • You cannot apply twice on one part of the body

The choice of hair removal spa will mostly depend on the part of the body the aesthetician will be working on. He has been providing hair removal services for years and to keep you coming back for more services, he’ll make the perfect choice for you.

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