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Bali Travel Guide – Island Of The Gods

There are so many things to do and acquaintances to be made. Bali is essentially a reflection of what the individual brings to the island. If you play golf, you may see only the fairways and greens through the entirety of your stay.

You may be equally happy if you choose to spend your time in pampered luxury, completely impervious to the myriad of attractions the island has on offer. If your visit has purpose, to ride the surf, dive the wrecks, raft the rivers or climb the volcanoes there will be no adrenaline disappointments.

Bali is a meeting place or extremes. A place where cutting-edge movers and shakers mix hand in hand with the custodians of an ancient culture coming to grips with the constant evolution of its existence. Life in modern day Bali is about finding the balance between these two vastly different worlds.

The Bali that so many of us have come to love began in the rice fields many centuries ago. From such simple origins come very elaborate family and community structures. This is critical to understand in order to better understand the island and its people. The guaranteed outcome of such comprehension is a greater love for Bali travel and her people.

To the Balinese nothing stands of more value than the family. The very old and the very young are cradled and spoiled in Balinese culture. The first thing a little girl is taught at school is how to make a broom from the wisps of coconut fronds. This is just one example of how important the simple aspects of life are to the Balinese people.

Bali’s fame and occasional notoriety has often been of a scale much larger than its own physical size. More than 2000 years ago Bali flourished as a major player during the Bronze Age. Perhaps the islands most unrecognized accomplishment is the carving of an intricate layout of tumbling rice terraces from an overgrown tropical jungle.

Though often ruled over the centuries by outside forces, the Balinese heritage has remained proud and influential through ancient and modern times. The Javanese developed dominion over the island in the 12th century and it was not until the 15th that the Balinese people regained independence. Since then the island has found itself in the hands of several masters including the Dutch and Portuguese.

Bali Shopping

Most of the popular Bali hotels and resorts are situated in the south of the island and Kuta has long been the focus of traveler action, so it is expected that the most commercial and fashionable shopping area has been built here. The other area in Bali that gives a shopping experience that is poles apart is Ubud. Ubud is the artistic and creative heart of Bali and this is where you may find glorious art works to take home. Bali shopping isn’t just a matter of going into a store, selecting an item and then paying for it.

In Indonesia countries it is accepted that you’re going to try and barter when you are purchasing something, the owners will not get insulted if you try and get a cheaper price . Haggling is a method of life there and if done in a friendly way, you will shortly be giggling away with the shop keeper. If after your bartering attempts have not brought you any joy, explain that the price is simply too high and slowly walk off the majority of the time the shop keeper will call you back with a far better offer.